(Hardly) Working from home

Love WFH days.  Although I normally get up at 4am, try to throw my body around on the bike and get my act together, WFH days I can sleep in (until 6) and then lay in bed and answer emails.  So much better than when I worked at Climate, no rest for the wicked on those days

I chose to WFH because of my physical. After James died, I think all of us in our ALC circle and beyond thought it best to get both our end of life sitch squared away as well as get our hearts checked. What’s so incredibly heartbreaking is that on Monday James got a relatively clean bill of health, and then in the middle of the night that big full heart stopped.  So odd how that happens

I also somehow barely chipped one of my front teeth, so I made a dentist appt. as well

My numbers look great, everything is spot on, which is reassuring since I am still a bit more candy coated than I would like to be (but working very diligently to accept that). Diagnosis on the knee? Sprained.  Try to wrap it, ice it, anti-inflammatory it, should heal on it’s own. Whether I will be able to be all reverent and bendy next week at the Immersion Retreat remains to be seen.  I want to be sure that I get as much out of it, so I will ask if I can modify some of the positions and postures.

Got the toof fixed, and my dentist and I came up with a plan for the other mess in my mouth. I went to see her in November of 2013 for a broken front tooth. Multiple tissue transfers, temp teeth, 1 crown and 2 implants later, I have a smile that I am actually ok with flashing.  And yeah, 6 years is a long time to deal with that.  The next part, well one side in particular, is pretty gruesome, so we aren’t doing that right away. One side at a time.  I only have so much in my FSA lol

Getting a little work done before heading to A & B’s for a little ALC craft project. I’m part of the Minnie Band this year because I am not riding (nor do I plan on participating again anytime soon), so we’re getting together tonight to do all the James Memorial stuff.

I really wish I could WFH most days, however I think the difference these days is that I honestly enjoy my work and going there.  Tough to manage an office from your couch though


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