Silly Old Biddies.

One of the good things to come out of lock-down was ‘’binge’’ watching TV. Etc.

A girlfriend and I got stuck into watch Chinese Historical Serials. Wow.  Costuming, Production Values, Story lines and extraordinary acting.   A few of them are on You Tube.   I loved The Story of Yanxi Palace. Another was Ruyi’s Royal love in the Palace.   They do go on for about 50 episodes each, but I must admit to finding them fascinating.   I will try and put a link below so if you are interested you can have a little peek. Actually they give you a good look into how the Forbidden City and its history worked.  These women were glorious caged prisoners.  The hierarchy in the harem was vicious and deadly.  All because they wanted the Emperor to pick them to be the current favorite.   Tragic really.

Had lunch with my Sis today.  We get the giggles over the silliest things. Today it was over what were eating.  She had traditional   Fish and Chips and I had a Japanese Bento Box with 5 different dishes.  She finished up tasting and re tasting mine as she had never been game to try Japanese Food.  She is 88 and very much set in her ways.  However  today she kept pinching mine and loving it and of course I reciprocated by eating her chips.  God only knows what we looked like to others around us in the food court.  Probably they thought  look at those two silly old biddies.

I am going to surprise her tomorrow night.  Her son in law is taking us out to dinner and she has no idea that I am coming as well.  I am looking forward to be seeing the look on her face when she gets in the car and there I am in all my glory.  Should be so much fun

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April 9, 2021

I binge watch Letterkenny. It is funny af. It’s not everyone’s cuppa, but… oh and also Kim’s Convenience. 🙂 I did love the Queen’s Gambit…. there are a lot of these Japanese romance games for mobile. 🙂

April 9, 2021

There is nothing better than the bond between sisters.  Look at you two.  Still acting silly.  Still with many like memories. My sisters live over 5 hours away from me.  I like reading about your lunch date.  I thought it would be enchanting to be a twin.  😎