Repo! The Genetic Rock Opera

I discovered this treat of a musical movie back in 2009.  Back in Cleveland I was visiting my friend Ron. He is a huge movie buff and said we had to watch this movie.  I was not aware of what I was about to see.

Story:  In 2046 the world was on the verge of dying due to organ failure, but GENE CO saved the day. Rotti and his company provided organ transplants & surgeries with payment plans to extend your life. But buyer beware, if you don’t have the money to settle your debt, they will send the Repo Man after you to reclaim your organs for Gene Co.  The story revolves around the head of GENE CO facing his terminal illness and Nathan a single father to Shilo who is sick with a blood disease. Nathan is the Repo Man for Gene Co, his daughter doesn’t know.  Truth always has a way of coming to light…

Cast: Alexa PenaVega, Paris Hilton, Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head, Sarah Brightman, Bill Moseley     to name a few.
They really bring to life this story.

Director  Darren Bousman along with writers: Darren Smith & Terrance Zdunich  bring to life something wonderful.
Sure this movie was not for everyone, and it didn’t do well with mainstream critics, but its a shame. There is a cult following and its worth it.
The Gravedigger, played by Terrance Zdunich, brings the story to life. Filling in the gaps where the viewers need it.  Shilo slowly gains courage to be her own person and not be afraid of her disease.  Nathan can’t deal with his split personality… a father morning his wife and fearful of losing his only connection to her… and a repoman that loves to kill.

While this musical doesn’t strike me as “scary” its got blood and some violent moments. This just adds to the story. Do you route for the girl finding herself? The father trying to protect his daughter?

I personally love this movie and hope others will watch it!

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March 8, 2018

one of my favorites 😀 <3

March 14, 2018

@nicolette_meadows The sound track is just amazing as well!

April 10, 2018

it sounds like it would be spectacular!