Confusing life

Ever have a feeling that you are not good enough for anyone. The feeling when you don’t fit anywhere or with anyone. You do good and right for the people but in the end they do so much wrong and leave by saying you never did anything for me. That feeling you feel so sad and more angry on yourself that why you have wasted and invested in that person a lot? Instead you can spend that time to do something nice for yourself. But guess we all have tried that doing things for others and later crying out why I did this. This is the loop we have created for ourselves and no matter how hard we try, that loop never breaks. I tried many ways to get out of that loop but guess what I am here writing my feelings away. Why is it hard for people to just appreciate and say you did a lot for me, now let me do something nice for you.

I think the blood has turned to white and people are mean and selfish, that’s the trend, and we all have to live with this new trends.

It is hard for me to share my thoughts and feelings as I have never written or shared with anyone . Guess I will do better next time.

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June 2, 2020

The feeling stems from giving a rat’s ass about what others think or how others feel about what we do for them. I learned the hard way not to de-ass any more rats and I’m much happier 🙂

June 3, 2020

thank you 😊