Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – Do Ya Wanna (Touch Me)


Bitchrod song. I guess I’m giving you TWO songs of the day. LOL

I’ve had my breakfast, bread and jam, cereal and a yoghurt pot. 🙂😊 Good stuff.. last night I went on Zoom to the Tuesday evening prayer group but left shortly after bc a) I was the only Jew there and b) there was a woman there whom I didn’t want to see. So, no.

I just installed Google Play on my sister Julz’s Fire tab. (●’◡’●)


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5 days ago

Joan Jett is my favorite! Bread and Jam sounds really good!

@caterpillardreams She is a great singer. 😀 It was good. 😀

5 days ago

I will listen to those songs later when hubby is at work.

@jaythesmartone Cool. It is a great song.

5 days ago

My granddaughter would love those stripped leggings and laced boots!  😊

@adrift I love those. Wouldn’t mind a pair myself.

5 days ago

Yeah, zooms should be with people who get you, and who you wanna see. Haha.

5 days ago

Breakfast sounds good  🙂

I never downloaded zoom.  I heard alot of negative stories.  Normally just facebook video

@tumbleweed85 What have you heard? Viruses???