Boredom Has Hit!!!

Well boredom has hit that’s for sure, you see as most of the world we are isolating due to Covid-19 and I haven’t worked for 5 days only made the essential trips out and my brain is hating it. I am making all sort of situations up in my head about people and things happening. I need some stimulation and not just from TV so over that.

So I have talked to the guy from the last entry let’s call him “T1”. Well talked isn’t the right word. We exchanged a few messages and well its really getting to the point that it is slowly dying. At this time it would be so hard to make any new connection/relationship with anyone this is extra hard as he doesn’t live in the same country as me. It’s a very hard on. Normally he flies between his country and mine very frequently but since the Virus has hit us he can’t leave and I can’t leave so we never got that chance to meet and see if this would be anything else. I feel like it could of been something but now I’m not sure. At this time I’m just going to chat with him when we can, cause you know boredom has hit and well.

I am also chatting with another guy will call him “T2” which has only been a couple of days and really trying not to over think this one. I know I tend to get very fixated on a person and I think its cause they are giving me attention and atm as we can’t go anywhere and its massaging or talking on the phone is he only way we can socialise not hearing from them for a bit is hard. Just have to remember to try and keep cool cause I can’t control a lot of things atm and that’s the hardest thing for me not being able to control anything.

Im so freaking out right now. Need to distract myself with something. Tomorrow I think I will try and find a craft thing to do cause at least if I’m focusing on that I’m not over thinking everything else. An idol mind is a very dangerous thing

Leave a comment, say Hi and we might be able to chat too.


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March 28, 2020

I hope it works out between you and your new friend–best wishes!