Good morning y’all.. today is Saturday, or Caturday or Saturdog… whatever you like. I am just going to relax today and finish what I started yesterday. I did anti-virus scan, now all I need to do is defrag this sucker and create a restore point. So… and of course, I will play the Sims.

Today is also, if I’m not mistaken, ballpark food day (like hotdogs for lunch and hamburgers for dinner.) Why the hell do they call a clearly beef burger a hamburger? I have only had one actual burger made from pork, a bacon burger… weird shit. I might have to google that. Not now. After I do stuff. 😀

I am liking Win11 more and more each time I use it. It is like the best. Clean, concise and really nicely made. Makes Win10 look like crap.

And I will play Animal Crossing today too. 🙂



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November 5, 2022

Good morning Sammy :-). I hope you have a good Saturday and get everything done that you need to do.

It will be a quiet day here, too.  Landon and I still not feeling well and of course Jose’ will grill.  I think he’s cooking ribs, pork chops and burgers.

November 6, 2022

@happyathome Oh my gosh! That sounds great. Yepp.. Saturday was fulfilling,

November 5, 2022

Hi Sammy!

I’ve never been sure why it’s called a hamburger either. What is up with that?!

November 6, 2022

@heffay Idk my love. Crazy! 😀