Così è la vita!

Which is that’s life in Italian. And, it has been a very interesting few days. Gone is Lisa and her pets, and we say hello to Jess who will be working here from Fridays til Mondays. It’s sad but we will prevail non? We always have as a house. 🙂 

As it stands my terrible cold has dissipated for the most part. I am free of all symptoms save a mild cough. 🙂 My sister Julz has it really bad, worse than myself…. 

Golly gee, April just flew by. May is almost here and while we are still in Taurus, I am not looking forward to Gemini. My mind is always contradicting itself during this time, however it is soon Vicki @happyathome ‘s bday!

So.. just had fries for snack… the alternative was a nanaimo bar.. which I love to bits but I cannot have obv.

Anyways, tomorrow I will clean up my room.. and that is that. Like I said Jess comes in Friday. I hope she can cook chicken better than Paula. No offense…


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April 27, 2023

Oh my goodness!!!  Leo!!!  Bunny happiness!!!  Thanks for sharing the pic.  What a sweetheart!  Do you lay with him?  I lay with my Penny and she is the softest, sweetest, most loving BIG GIRL!

April 27, 2023

@strawberryjelly He is the biggest floof ever. <3

April 27, 2023

@mattinykanenlover do you know what he weighs?  My Penny is about 16-17#.  Henry, a therapy Flemish was around 23#

April 27, 2023

@strawberryjelly Leo is about 25#.

April 28, 2023

@mattinykanenlover OH wow, he is a big boy!  I love it!  Flemish Giants are the sweetest bunnies, docile, loving, gentle giants!

April 28, 2023

@strawberryjelly I love him to pieces. He loves attention.. he craves it actually… so affectionate.