So sleepy…

But I need to wake up sooner or later right? Right now I feel like a zombie… I need a cuppa. So, to all of my American friends, happy thanksgiving y’all. Eat drink and be merry. 🦃

Tomorrow Ronnie returns for the weekend. She works the weekends and holidays.

Colleen says we are having roo testes for lunch. I think that that inside joke is funny but inaccurate lol.. she’s is full of tmi.

Today I will just relax on my iPad (I threw the old af one in the trash last night)  air 2… I’m just so zombified, I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open…. I suppose a nap is in order sometime.

I guess that’s it..



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November 23, 2023

I always love a good nap!

November 24, 2023

@thespiritwithinme me too. 💕😍