Mission Statement

A school should be supplied with

sufficient quantities of purple skies

and impossible flowers

and improbable beasts.


A school hallway should glisten from

who I am

and why are those

and where you might be going.


A school’s people should burst in

color-filled singing

and whacked-out tubas

and the sounds of wild imaginings.


And all of the things a school should be

must be carried home in

purple green silver Power Puffs Scooby-Doo

backpacks so that everyone’s home

can be kind of messy

and sticking out on the sides

with hope and laughter and dreams.

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i miss school

i was about to begin dancing but i wont now as i missed out on the first noter bop :((…oh well….. how true your words are re schools….. they should be the most colourful and safest of places to enable everyone to enjoy learning and growing…. how can anyone cut back on education, either financially or scially, it is ludicrous… and btw, may i borrow your list of whizz bang top societies to

join….. it appears that my inferior list may have contributed to the problems i have now… :D:D i should have been practicing my nose touching skills… :D:D, is there still time to catch up i wonder? maybe if i put in extra hours? grins and hugs you :D:D

September 5, 2001

You are important to the Pubcats. Especially this one *points to self* Who else would listen to my music, watch me get all excted about a song, bop in my chair, sing, and giggle at me? LOL Plus you listen to my stupid little ramblings everyday. I love you *hugs you*

September 5, 2001

Errr… sorry about the arm slaps. Hey, what do you expect… you know my mother… I get it from her!! *nods*

This was really very good. The last 4 lines are tremendous !

very nice. too bad school was never like that for me and is becoming less so each year as all these bastards come up with test after unneeded test and uniforms and name tags and every other little thing to rob students of their individuality and carefreeness. (powerpuff girls rock btw)

This is WONDERFUL!….I am so pleased you have that smile in your mind…I can see it you know…its showing in these last 2 entries…gosh what a change a few smiles can make *Hugs & Love*

*RYN*…I am smiling for the friendship too!…Check your e-mail…make sure you got dark glasses on!…*winks* Sweet dreams to you too C *Hugs & Love*

Lovely words, and the school should always have at least one ‘teachers pet’ …*Hugs and Winks* Y

ahhhhh time for me to go back to school 😀 Take care darling

Yes! The impossible and improbable. And that is just what children do best given the right kind of freedom. This is sweet. Thanks for mentioning it. BTW, I noticed on your first entry you talk of “being in the process of waking up”. I know only too well what you mean. Trouble is I can’t manage to stay awake for very long! (-: Love

September 1, 2003

your writing is very moving. Much respect.