I hate the School System here!!!!

Yesterday, My oldest daughter called me just bawling her eyes out!  I just got done doing a house cleaning (my cleaning business that I own and work part time).  She said her Dad received a Truancy Letter in the mail due to her attendance.  I’m like “what the hell is goin on?”  I didn’t receive a letter.  So, long story short, the high school she attends had gone to a Level 3… Which means they have shut down and they are now learning from home.

So, they take attendance by the zoom meetings they  have every day, and she is to sign on at least four times a day to get her attendance.  She’s been checking her e-mails, her Canvas, and google classrooms thing, and they would have at least one zoom meeting posted.  So, she would attend that and all of a sudden she has absences.  Apparently her Father has been getting phone calls about these and haven’t told me about it, and he hasn’t called the school to find out what the hell is going on until we now have a Truancy Letter on her.  I don’t think I should be getting my ass taken to court because I have no communication from his dumb ass of not taking any action.

I had my daughter take a picture of the letter and she sent it to me.  I told her don’t worry about it, we will get through this, and we will figure this out.  The hard thing is… she is in special Ed for Cognitive disorder.  How the Fuck are they supposed to expect someone with a cognitive disorder to remember this shit?  Oh…. I’m just getting started…  LOL

When she was in school, her grades were decent… She did what she could, and she’s been trying so hard!  Now her grades are all failing, there is no support by her side, her father works long hours and is NOT dedicated to her school work… he’s lucky to know how to read (no lie… wish I was exaggerating).

I e-mailed the Vice Principal and threw out my concerns.  Turned out they have all the zoom meetings on this Planbook Page.  Ashlee said it’s been down for three days.  I had her reboot her computer and it worked!  She can sign in!  She then, can see all the zoom meetings that is posted!  I got her sign-on and password and I was looking at it… It’s a fucking disaster!  The one that was posted for this morning, said November 10th.  The rest had no time frames on what she is to be signing onto, and to top it off….  This school is so messed up… they have Red days and White days… Red Days are certain classes, White days are certain classes… Which I get… But it gets more confusing, there is White 1, White 2, White 3, White 4 & Red 1, Red 2, Red 3, and Red 4.

So, I’m wanting to set up a zoom meeting with her Special Ed Teacher to figure this crap out.  I also mentioned I’m not seeing any modifications to her school work.  No communication at all.  It’s been an interesting learning curve…  So, I think we figured out the zoom meetings for today so we can get this attendance bullshit under control.  When she was going to school, it was immaculate.  We cannot be there all day every day to hold her hand and make sure things are getting done.  I work two jobs, and her Father works long hours.

There has been times my Daughter and I have sat at the table and worked on things together.  It maybe late at night, but by golly… we got shit done!  I would like the best for her, but I just cannot be doing everything for her.  I really make her think.

There is my rant for the day…

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eLearning is fun eh? /sarcasm