Just Chillin’

Day off, tons of things to do!  Yesterday I was off, and I got the final Christmas shopping done for the kids.  It took me all day, basically finding final things for my oldest daughter.  She’s 15 and it’s hard to find things for a 15 year old.  Today is pick up the house and do holiday baking! 😁  Doesn’t look like we are getting a White Christmas, and I’m okay with that LOL.  I like snow, but I hate driving in it.

I also gotta scoop dog poop out of the back yard so if it does snow, the miles don’t keep on multiplying!  So, I’m excited to get this going!  You all have a wonderful day!

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December 24, 2020

First time reader.  Saw your entry on the home page.  Teenagers are so hard to buy for.  Sometimes the things they like on Dec 1st they don’t like on Dec 31st.  It seems like you do everything around your house. Go you!  😎