I went back to Otha to finish my pumpkin tattoo a couple weeks ago.  I mentioned before, the other tattoo artist that works with him, Rhonda is in love with him and obsessed with him, but he doesn’t want to be with her.  She is also very jealous and possessive of him.  Well, apparently she saw a couple of text messages between me and Otha, because she was leaning over him to look at his fucking phone.  They weren’t exactly PG, and he told me he had to play it off like we were just joking around.  But when I came in that day, I could tell she was not happy to see me.  Then she was sticking around and she usually leaves around that time.  So when Otha started tatooing me, she was tattooing a couple of other people.  There is a divider between their stations so you can’t see, but you can still hear.  So we have to keep having whispered conversations.  That’s when he told me she saw that messages.  And he said, “And a few minutes ago after I talked to you, she came over and said she thinks there’s something going on between us.  She felt a ‘vibe’ between us.”  I was like, “She can go vibe herself.”  LOL.  And he said, “She was supposed to leave an hour ago, but she saw you were coming in, so she called some people and told them to come in so she’d be here so we wouldn’t be alone together.”  I was like, “Are you fucking kidding me.”  He was like nope.  So, we didn’t get to mess around…much.  LOL.  We did a lot of touching and groping since she couldn’t see us.  But she kept stopping what she was doing to come over and say something pointless to Otha she could have just said to him from her side.  Like she was checking on us.  Even one point he was like, “WTF are you doing?”  She was like, “What do you mean?”  And he said, “You know exactly what you’re doing, Rhonda.”  She just walked away all huffy.  Once he got done with my tattoo, we went in the lobby where she definitely couldn’t see us and messed around a little bit there too.  lol.

It just sucks.  He just LETS her be possessive of him.  She’s not his GF.  She shouldn’t be allowed to dictate if/who he can date or whatever.  And he’s complacent with it.  He just accepts it.  It’s fucking frustrating.

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October 26, 2023

Yes, that would be very frustrating!!  I’m sorry she ruined your visit there.