Everybody Hates Me.

I’m having a few days where it just feels like everybody hates me.  I look at even the smallest reactions from people and over-analyze them and think they hate me.  And I noticed that people I used to be friends with on Facebook have unfriended me.  It’s people I’m not even super close to, but I used to be, and I wonder what I did to make them be like, “fuck this bitch.  I don’t want to see her face anymore,” and just unfriend me.  Too many cat pics?  It’s okay to post a shit-ton of ugly baby pics, but I can’t post pics of my cats without pissing people off?  I don’t post political or religious stuff.  I post funny memes, usually self-deprecating humor.  Does that stuff really piss people off that much?  And a part of me realizes this is a dramatic reaction, but a part of me is sincerely hurt, and it makes me feel like nobody really likes me.  I’ve even sent friend requests to a couple people at work, and they haven’t accepted them.  So I’m thinking, “Wow.  People really don’t like me, and I’ve been so oblivious to not notice it.”  And when I walk in a room, it’s like I can feel people hating me.  Maybe I am the problem.  Maybe I was the horrible person in my relationship.

I feel like crying today.  Crying a lot.  Chris is gone now.  Haliey got exactly what she wanted.  He doesn’t work with me or see me anymore.  He can’t talk to me anymore.  She won.  I lost.  I bet she’s so fucking happy about it.  It’s because of her that I lost a friend.  We were best friends before she came along.  Then we weren’t allowed to talk and I lost him.  I feel so fucking sad and lonely today.  I really just want to cry.  I’m sick of life.

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January 25, 2023

I’m sorry you lost your friend :-(. Surely people aren’t unfriending you because of cat pictures.  I can see why it upsets you so much…it would upset me too.