Troy messaged me out of the blue after several freaking months of nothing.  He was asking if my address was still the same because he wanted to send me a “Halloween present.”  I was like just, “Aww.  Yeah, it’s the same.”  Then after a minute he said, “I searched for it in my contacts, and I can’t find it.  Can you give it to me again.  Sorry.”  Then he tried to say something funny to which I would have normally replied with something funny back and we might have had some witty banter back and forth for a few minutes.  That was months ago.  This is today.  So, I just responded, “Haha.  No problem.  It’s *insert address here*.”  Just short answers, no entertaining anything else.  He didn’t respond until like 15 minutes later, he just sent a thumbs up.

After that, I was just so fucking angry.  The audacity.  I know it sounds like I’m being a bitch because, “But he got you a gift!”  I could go on for hours about how this man has hurt me.  How he pretends to be such a nice guy, and how his words are always so good and so convincing, but his actions never match.  About how he’s used me and discarded me and comes back to do it all again with no remorse.  No apologies.  No kind of accountability or explanation for his behaviors.  I’ve put this man on a pedestal for too long.  He is extremely smart, funny, and can seem very sweet, but what he has done to me… he has contributed to breaking me, just like any other ex.  The others are just way more upfront about how mean they are.  Having him message me opened up emotions that I thought I had gotten past.

You want to send me a gift because we’re “friends”?  Then fucking act like a friend, even when you don’t want or have something to gain from me.

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October 26, 2023

I can understand why this irritated you.  Why would he be sending you a gift when he is so stand offish normally.  I’m interested to hear what he sent you.

October 26, 2023

@happyathome  I’m not really sure what he’s thinking.  Maybe he wants to pop back in for an ego boost and disappear again.  I’ll update if/when he sends the gift.  IF he does.  He’s very much a man of many words and no actual actions.