I am dissappointed with myself

Oaky so I have lost a lot of weight since I had the operation, but I should have lost more. This woman who I became Facebook friends with after I had the op, she had it a few days after me, showed a picture on Facebook of how much weight she has lost. She says she has lost 37 kg. Now that is about 10kg more than me.

I started off weighting 116.9 kg last year August and right now I am weighting 90.1kg so I have lost 26.8kg

Now I know the whole different body make up gibberish, but I know for a fact that I am not trying to lose weight so much anymore.

This morning I got a calendar alert on my phone to remind me about my appointment with my dietician…I forgot about it and so I am seeing her next week Tuesday.

I want to ask her if she can put me on a proper meal plan but the honest truth is that I am eating chocolates and drinking sugar drinks and eating fast food…I haven’t gone to gym in a while and my excuse is that it is cold outside and still dark when my alarm goes off to get me up for gym…but that is just Bullshit Grunge Rubber Stamp On White Background, Vector Illustration  Royalty Free SVG, Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 67233436. because when my alarm goes off about 90 minutes later to get up for work, I have no problems getting up and it is just as cold and still dark outside.

Is it possible for me to lose 5kg before I see my dietician? Would be great if I was in fact down to 80 kg when I saw her, that was the plan, but time just got away from me, and I just became so nonchalant with not bothering to eat well and work on my weight loss journey and regime.

So tomorrow I will get up and go to gym. I will go to gym, and I will work on losing some kilos off me.

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July 25, 2023

You got this, but do not compare yourself to others.  Everyone’s journey is different, just make small differences, like parking far away from the building so you get those steps in. Personally, I do not go to Gyms, But you can youtube a lot of workouts from home. I like Richard Simmons and all his workouts are free on youtube, and you are dancing. Anyway, Congrats on the weight you have lost I know its a hard journey but keep going .

July 27, 2023

Thank You @trinitie

Yes it is best not to compare self to others but it is hard not to. During the first stages/weeks of lockdown and Covid-19 I went all home work out and got dumbbells and mats, used them for a week and never again they are still in the corner I put them in years ago. I prefer actually going to gym and working out. Just need to get there! Booked a yoga class for Sunday morning. Excited as this will be my first try at Yoga but nervous at not being so supple and letting out gas while doing some pose.