It Is Happening!!

In just a few days I will be having my Bariatric Operation.

I am excited and Nervous and only today has it actually sunk in. The Physiotherapists called to check up me and let me know that it is booked and confirmed, and I will be the first one.

See the source image  So, if I had to follow the measurements on the table to the left…

I am now 113.7kg which is about 3kg less than I was about a month ago. Wish I had lost more but I haven’t been consistent with eating well and getting exercise.

So, I should start 2023 weighting about 100kg. and then at the end of March I will be about 90kg and then loose a bit more and then stay that way…. My goal is to start the new year weighting about 100kg, but I won’t be happy until I am at least 70kg.

That graph is not making me feel very positive, but I know I can do this!!

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November 25, 2022

I am so so happy for you!!!

November 27, 2022

😘 Thanks!