So, I have spent the weekend relaxing and mentally preparing for tomorrow.

Space Game is Space Garden and not Birthday, it is the day I have my Bariatric Op.

Took a few pictures of myself…so I will not what I looked like when I started.

Space Rave Italic 112.2kg

Space Rave Italic 43.5cm

Space Rave Italic 44cm

Space Rave Italic 121cm


Space Rave Italic 126cm

Space Rave Italic 70.5cm

Space Rave Italic 74.5cm

I have packed my meds, jammies, workout clothes, shower slops, undies, toiletries, protein mix, antideps, toothpaste, shower gel, cream, charging kit for Kindle, Phone, iWatch….and I think I am ready… I do wish my mommy was here with me, but I got this. I know my sisters and husband are a call a way and my dad is a 16-hour flight away.

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November 27, 2022

How exciting!!  You are going to do just fine 🙂

December 2, 2022

Thank You, @happyathome. It is weird having to think about what I am going to eat and how much of it and if I should eat it or not. Like I am bored right now and normally would nibble on something to feed boredom but now I can’t.

December 4, 2022

@ncumisa My husband had the surgery and I remember him struggling in the beginning with not being able to eat as much as he wanted to.  It’s been eight years and he’s kept the weight off.  Good luck with your weight loss journey.

December 5, 2022

That is so inspiring. Hope your Husband stays at it. I hope I stay at it too.

Thanks for the “Good Luck” 😘

November 27, 2022

I will be excited to read an update after the surgery.

December 2, 2022


November 27, 2022

Best wishes that everything goes smooth and you have a speedy recovery.  <3

December 2, 2022

Thank You, @celestialflutter

So far everything seems to be going well. Although I do feel bloated, but sister says that is prob because gulping drinks and eating too much. I think it could also be the amount of ‘air’ I have in my tummy