It is so hard!!

Last week I decided that this week would be it…this week I would put in my all and prove all the Bariatric Team that I could do it. Prove to myself that I could do it. Stick to and eating plan, get exercising and be approved for that op.

Well…this morning I didn’t do much if any exercising, but that is because I body has been in excruciating pain since I celebrated my birthday on Sat night. But yesterday I made my salad for the next few days, cooked veg for supper for the next few days. I have only eaten…well drunk the shake for breakfast and lunch and been drinking water and tea.

Anyway today is a Bank Holiday in the UK, so my husband got the day off, since he works for the UK part of the business…and he has been eating biscuits and sandwiches in front of me all day. None of that really bothered me. But I told him that I am having shake and veg for supper. About an hour ago he told me he asks me if we can have Burger King for supper. I tell him he can but I can’t. 30 minutes ago, he asks me to order KFC for us. Again I tell him I cannot have any takeaway, and I remind him that he wanted Burger King.

20 minutes ago he wants to know when I am going to order the food for us, because he is hungry.

Anyway, so I ordered KFC for him…but I am not going to lie and say that I didn’t consider ordering something for myself…I am so hungry right now!

But I stayed strong, ordered for him and just dreamed about the shake and veg I will be having in a few hours.

Why couldn’t I have the body of like…

What's the most beautiful curve in a woman's body? - Quora

Yesterday I told my friends that I was working towards having the Bariatric OP in a few months. They wanted to know why? Well I told them that weight loss plans etc have not worked well and I now want to be a mother and with my PCOS my weight doesn’t help…they brought up fertility treatment…I told them that I will have to most likely go that way, because I am not ovulating and never have ovulated. But I need to loose weight so I can feel good and be able to keep up with a baby and everything else.

I just hope that I keep to this!!


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August 29, 2022

Good job on not ordering yourself anything….I know that was so hard.  You can do this…keep your eye and mind on the prize at the end.  You will feel so good about yourself and be healthier for the baby you will have.  Motivation is so hard to find, I know.  I have been riding my bike every morning early and most mornings I look for reasons not to go…but then I go and I feel so good afterwards.

August 29, 2022

Good on you for riding your bike!!

Thanks for the encouragement!! 😘