…What I Want Out Of 2023…

And now for what I want to achieve and do next year.


I think it is time that I see either what else this world has to offer or what else is in this lovely Country. Last time I went on an international holiday was in 2011 when I went on Contiki to the USA. That was amazing! Met amazing people who I have never seen since, unless of course you count File:Facebook Logo (2019).svg - Wikimedia Commons chats and picture/status comments as actually seeing and relating to people. Anyway….where would I like to go???

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I really really really want to have a child. Seeing as I cannot fall pregnant for at least a year after Bariatric Op, it is safe to say I won’t be falling pregnant within the next 11 months, but I could always adopt. I just want a baby of my own who will one day call me mom.

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Something has to change with it. We fix it and put in the effort to make it better and grow or we move on. I can’t keep wasting my life in a marriage that is just not going anywhere, that is making me unhappy and that is not being what I imagined and want it to be.


So I know it is possible and so I have to just keep up at it. Loose Weight and get fit and look Bold Berrywalls(even though my husband says I am, I need to see it and say it!) 

Kids Play

I still don’t have that dream or remotely close to house that I want. I want a house that has more bedrooms than the 1.5 that I have now. I want a house that has more bathrooms than 1 bathroom that I have now. I want a house with a swimming pool and garden. I want a house that I can call GOLDLEAF BOLD PERSONAL USE Bold

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So far the only new resolution that I have is to travel. That is quite sad…

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I need to make going to gym a regular activity. My husband now has his own car so I don’t have that excuse, of needing to take him to work early in the morning, as an excuse anymore. I have the time. I have the membership card. I need to go to gym at least 3 times a week. When I was younger I used to go every week day, and I loved it. So I need to get back to that.


I need to get a new job that pays well and that makes me feel good doing. I want to a job where I have to get up and look good for. I want a job that I feel worthy for and feel valuable at. I want a  job I can be proud of and that pays well.


Okay so I can read Hebrew very slowly and stutter and I need the vowels to be able to fully read the word properly. I want to be able to read it well and in a flowy manner and I want to be able to understand it well enough to be able to have a conversation in it.

So that is all the resolutions that I have for 2023. I think they are all possible and this time next year I can tap myself on the back for having achieved them all….at least I hope that is what happens.

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