Ever since my “breaking” after she left, I haven’t been able to control my emotions. Some say that this is healthy, but it goes well beyond a healthy thing for me.

I want to talk to people about things, but u instantly start to blubber and tear up. 4 years and the mention of Patty or the boys sets me on a crash course of intense feelings I can’t control.

This happens constantly. Anywhere. Anytime.  I can be in a professional situation and something said or heard, I begin to lose it. It’s almost disabling.

I could use a win. Something. How does one gain confidence when everything falls apart on an almost daily basis?

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4 weeks ago

That sounds like deep depression and I don’t know why your meds aren’t helping…what did the therapist say about a change in meds??

4 weeks ago

My husband is very emotional and tears up very easily.   He hates it.  You’ve been hurt so badly, it’s understandable that you would be the way you are.  I know it has to be irritating for you, though.