Still Here

This mornings flower: Junglato x Sherb Mintz

It wasn’t a very eventful day. Pretty mild. Read up a lot on journalism and got a lot of emails taken care of. The in person communications weren’t as easy. People slowly reveal so much of themselves. I don’t even think they realize how much of their own bs gets exposed over time. I’m tired of interacting with jerks. Of all nationalities, genders, and ethnicities.

Lol, speaking of jerks, some random topless crazy lady cussed me out for not giving her a cigarette. I don’t even smoke them. I’m trying to go about my business unnoticed, and here comes ol Nat Geo tits making a damn scene. How do I manage to attract all the weirdos?

One block later, and here’s the guy I gave some reefer to months ago, that wants to buy a sac every time he sees me. Wtf. Just to clarify, it’s perfectly legal where I live to give flower from one consenting adult to another. And we share, all the time. We as in the people. Not we as in me and this guy. A one time act of generosity has turned into petty solicitation. So now there I am explaining to this guy I just enjoy cannabis, I don’t want his money. Yet I also don’t want to be your 420 friend.

I’ve been getting used to the Sherb Mintz lately. Been switching up with G41. Seems to only take a few days before getting too used to a variety.

I especially don’t understand a lot of these new residents. Where the hell are they coming from? Who tf raised them? Inconsiderate, prejudiced, haughty, absent minded and outright rude!

Anyway, even though there’s a couple more things I was going to mention, I think I’ll wrap it up here. Maybe I’ll save it for the next one. Maybe it just isn’t meant to be spoken on. We’ll see.

Be motivated. Stay optimistic. And no matter what obstacles you encounter today, continue to push forward.

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Topless Lady needs to relax a little… maybe smoke the ganja instead of the stupid nicotines. 😮 And LOL at your pot buddy. 😛 I love this line: Be motivated. Stay optimistic. And no matter what obstacles you encounter today, continue to push forward.

June 9, 2022

@sambucathedestroyer yes she was quite the character. As for Cheech, I might be nice one day soon and give away a few packs. Maybe later on today. And I’m just glad someone read it and my words of encouragement reached someone other than myself.