Answers to the Last Entry

I wrote an entire entry the other day and it didn’t save. Story of my life. Seriously. So often I find myself saying, I can’t even make this shit up.

My 90 year old Grandpa tested positive for Covid. I knew it would be. Obviously, but still was hoping. My Grandma then tested positive just a few days later. Both are recovering at home. Their off quarantine and have done their 10 days. (It’s actually been almost 3 weeks.). My Grandma’s doctor does fear she could still be contagious and wants her home a few more days to be safe. I feel they should simply stay home to avoid other illnesses as their immune systems are both tired I’m sure.

Needless to say I was a close contact and also just finished 17 days of quarantine. 17. However, as their main caretakers I did have permission to continue to provide care as necessary to keep them at home but to scrub, wear protective items and not go inside more than necessary and to quarantine for sure. Luckily I was able to just call a few times a day and have them read me numbers, deliver groceries to their porch (because they don’t know how to run the grocery app) and stuff that kept me contact free. Moved to working from home but continued to work my 40 hours. But of course on Day 12 I got horribly sick…. Whyyyy? I’m sure it was stress, exhaustion, the germs from the school as my kid didn’t have to quarantine and I’m blaming that mask. Got antibiotics from my amazing doctor. And my covid test I unhappily took came back negative on Day 17. Thank god.  Seriously, I wear the mask and my sinuses became infected with the worst sinus infection I’ve had in years. I’m sticking mask free. Especially after that much direct exposure and nothing. Overall though, I’m just thrilled they’re recovering well. I don’t understand why some do and some don’t.

Then, remember the soul sucking leach mother – That crazy f’ing lady calls the health department and turns herself in as a close contact and requests a quarantine note. WTF. I wish I was kidding. I do. I was so mad.  I called and asked what she thought she was doing. Well I might have been around him. You weren’t. Well I was that one day. Dude, that was days before his symptoms started. It wasn’t even in the sick period. Well, I told them I still thought I should be safe. They gave her a note for like 4 days. But still. Are you kidding? Then I asked if she was working from home then as she could too – No, I told my boss it’s been such a hard few weeks I needed to just sit there. Stupid idiot. Then she sat at home like she was on vacation and called everyone all happy all the time. At one point I told her I couldn’t even talk as I was busy and then said if she was going to ask for this time off she should have been the one caring for her parents and I wouldn’t be in quarantine – “oh well, it’s fine”. It’s fine? Really? “Yeah I needed this time for me.”  You really are stupid. Needless to say I just can’t be around her. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. Nope. She’s going to be pissed when she realizes I’m really not inviting anyone for Thanksgiving. Just my own children and the baby. Sorry. I. Need. Peace. And Oh well, it’s fine.

So, for the dog Snowflake – They approved my application and I adopted 12 year old grouchy him. The rescue understood I was quarantined so we did it all online and met outside. Now for the grouchy part. He isn’t grouchy. He’s wonderful. He loved me from the first moment. Like we were meant to be together. I said I could feel it in my soul. He could too. He had a brother they had separated him from. After 6 days my heart couldn’t take it and I went back for 11 year old Jake.  They loved being reunited and we are going to live happily ever after until they need to go to the rainbow bridge. And yep, I’m going to cry. But it’s already so worth it. My heart already feels so full. They’re amazing.

Andddd last but not least while I was working from home they moved my whole agency remote. So, I’ll really be home indefinitely. Sounds like it could be a long haul. Ugh. At least I get every day with all 5 dogs.

The husband tho. He hasn’t said he hates me working at home but he’s been an asshole since I began quarantine. Like I genuinely feel like he’s jealous I’m here all day and he’s not. Failing to grasp that I literally sit in a basement room and still put 40 hours in. I’m not laying on the couch watching tv. He’s just been an ass lately. More so than usual. I have no idea why. I moved to the spare room while I was sick as he was having a fit over me getting him sick. Fine. Whatever. But I like it here so much I’ve stayed. Love it. For real.

Overall, I’m exhausted, tired, burned out but oh so happy with the dogs. I hope that content full filling lasts forever. I sure do. Badly.

Now I better sleep while I can.

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You are a very brave girl. Bless your heart. <3

November 16, 2020

So glad your grandparents are okay 💛

And happy to hear that you got the pup and his brother.

My husband makes jokes about me working from home, but its literally like being at work just in comfy clothes and not dealing with peoples shit in person lol just over the phone