Primodial weekend.

This weekend I went to an Primordial radio event, “big bang 3” in Cianester this weekend, tis a rock and metal internet radio which I like, They put on an event there for their birthday, I went last year for the first time it was a good fun, this year…idk It was OK the nu-metal tribute band which was on first on the Saturday night was quite good, but I guess I couldn’t hold conversations with people I felt like how background noise must feel long and empty with a smudging of loneliness.

Graham who I go down with he gives me a lift was lovely ofc trhough he left to see a friend for half the Saturday leaving me on my own  so I sat around occasionally trying to butt in to other ppls conversations, but yea. I drank a lot of rum and eventually gave in I suck at this stuff.

As someone who messaged me yesterday said “at least you tried”, they’re right ofc, trying is better than not, maybe.

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