I am so discouraged.

All that work I did putting things away, and here we are again with everything in boxes piled up all over the apartment. Actually, it is worse this time because I have NO idea what is in the various containers. I have done nothing except move a few books to a different book case. And now, instead of art material being in one place it is scattered all over the apartment. I am right back to "before I do A, I have to move B. Before I do either A or B, I have to move C…" And my telephone is still missing…

I have physical therapy today. I have aqua therapy tomorrow. I am thinking very seriously of not going to the aqua therapy. I get very panicky just thinking about finding that place all over again. And finding a parking place. And dealing with driving to Raleigh with all the people going to work…

I am trying to think of some positives and all I can find is that someone, at last, moved the two huge blue tarps out of my little patio area.







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May 30, 2013

Sometimes life just feels overwhelming. I think the physical therapy will help; exercise usually does. But still….hope today is better…

May 30, 2013

All this time I have known that your apartment that you had cleaned and put things where they belonged were going to be dusty and dirty after the tarps and large fans had blown stuff all around. I’ve experienced the tarps and fans before, but not just after i had moved and cleaned my house. Just take it slow and easy.

I understand your feeling discouraged. That was quite a setback. (((Hugs)))

May 30, 2013

Is there a GPS in your car? I hope you will go to the aqua therapy. It will probably help your body and your mood. I know I feel much better when I get out of this condo.

May 30, 2013

(((((((huuuuuuugggggggsssssss))))))) Tomorrow will be a better day. Today, treat yourself gently. Nicky

May 30, 2013

One step at a time. Methinks that thou should goest to aqua therapy. (Quite unsure where the old English is coming from.) The reason for going to the therapy is two-fold. (1) You will feel better afterward. (2) The more you drive to the place the more comfortable you will become at finding it. However, your choice. Just noticed one of your interests is Sean Bean…my, but, isn’t he just fine?! 🙂

May 31, 2013

I feel so bad for you. I’ve often thought that Hell might be where they make you pack, move, unpack, and do it again, for eternity.

May 31, 2013

I’m understanding setbacks in a way I never have before. I hope you are soon once again settled and without incident! ((HUGS))

Ugh! I feel for you. I hate disorder that isn’t fixed quickly

I think I would be feeling overwhelmed right about now, too. Keep doing what you need to do to take care of yourself. *hugs*