Phone, Art, Money & Sox!

You may have noticed I stopped writing about Virgin Mobile {VM} and the problems with my  cell phone. This is not because the problem is fixed but because I decided that all the anger and negativity I was constantly going over in my mind and in my diary was not good for me. So, today I will just tell you that the current solution to the problem that VM is trying is to send me a new phone since the one I have is seven years old. It is supposed to get here tomorrow. So, we shall see. The final step is to separate myself entirely from VM and that is what I shall do if this doesn’t work. Since I am on the subject of phones, my land line quit a few days ago {Is it me? Are phones allergic to me?} and it was fixed that same day. Apparently this person didn’t write that down because today along came another employee of AT&T to fix it! Anyway, it works now and I know this having just spent 48 minutes on the phone with VM!

I am working on getting the art area in a shape I can use. This morning I moved a cart out of the area but I am now thinking I will put it back. It will give me a place to store stuff–art stuff. I still have to put my easel together. There is one piece that Fred always put on for me because I can’t ever figure out where it goes. I still cannot figure it out! I will get Jake to have a look at it when I see him this weekend…

This morning I looked on line at my account in the bank bacck in Vermont and was surprised that my monthly teacher retirement check  was not there. It also was not in the bank here in North Carolina. So I called PERS and inquired. Apparently they have mailed the check to me for this month and it will be directly deposited next month. The social security check will be deposited in the new account on the third of the month as usual. I have already had mail confirming that. So, pretty soon I will close the Vermont accounts. It has only taken me three months!

A few days ago I bought myself some socks for diabetics. These are socks that are seamless and have no tight elastic to hold them up. Fred got them because he was diabetic and the average sock left a mark on his leg. Now, I am not a diabetic but I do only have one kidney, and at the end of a day, my ankles swell and my socks are digging into my skin. So, since I ordered these socks, Amazon is trying to sell me all sorts of things targeted at diabetics. I do know how to fix this but I may let it run for a day or two to see what they think I should be buying!







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May 2, 2013

There are times when I don’t mind the stuff that Amazon recommends, but there are other times I am very irritated by it.

May 2, 2013

Ha, ha! When I first saw your entry on the list, my mouse was in an unfortunate place, and the title looked like “Phone Sex” at first glance! I thought you would get a kick out of that. 😉 It took me quite a while to get my account transferred to a different bank. There are a lot more problems to fix than you would think. It’s a relief when it’s all done, though.

You can get rid of the diabetic recommendations by removing the socks from your browsing history. To do that, sign in, hover over Your Account and select Your Recommendations. Then at the top left corner, click on Your Browsing History. For there, you can click on “Delete This Item” and they won’t recommend items based on that any longer. Hope your new VM phone fixes your issue!

May 2, 2013

Gee, I’m sorry about your ongoing phone troubles, but at least At&t seems to want to fix things that don’t work! And how aggravating about your retirement check not being here, or there, or anywhere. Hopefully, if they mailed it, you will receive it soon. Moving really IS a lot of hassle, but slooooooooooowly you’re getting things situated! How good it will feel to finally have everything in proper order! :o) !! hugs, Nicky

you can fix it by looking in the recommendations (See more…) and then under each recommendation it will say ” Recommended because you purchased…” and a link that says “fix this” and then you can select not to use certain purchases for recommendations. I have had to do this before when buying gifts and other random tidbits.

or what stargazing said works too 🙂

May 2, 2013

Now I understand why you have so much patience with VM. You are a retired teacher! 🙂

May 3, 2013

i do hope the new phone is the problem and solves things for you. i think changing banks would be a royal pain. take care,

Today I also spent loads of time on the phone trying to straighten various matters out, so we shall see. There’s one matter with voice mail and comcast that goes on and on. Sound familiar?

Laughing at Starting Overs note!!! I can imagine that you will be VERY happy when you get things tied up with VM! How aggravating to say the least. So glad you are getting your art area set up. I am awaiting new pics of art done by you. We will be seeing some won’t we? Hugs,M

I’m probably the only human left whose never ordered anything from Ever. No reason…just never needed anything, I guess.

May 4, 2013

My “recommended” list at Amazon is a smorgasbord of things depending on what either myself or Richie look at. Car parts, computer parts, books, baby stuff…it is crazy. I have found myself using the subscribe & save feature a lot more now though, as sometimes the prices for household items (like cleaning stuff) cannot be beat.

May 4, 2013

ryn: yes, I do have a cover. I even flipped it so that the back was double-covered, but it didn’t help. Darn it! 🙂