Depression and Other Things

It has been a week since I wrote and I have spent a lot of it getting myself out of a depressive situation. I have gone through this depression stuff many times and when I lived in Vermont and with Fred, I had lots of coping skills. This time I was depressed a few days before I realized what was going on. The bottom line is that I am lonely. I have no close friends here at all.

But there are things I can do that help and one of them is exercise. So, I have taken the first steps to get some exercise. I cannot walk for any time at all that would make it worthwhile for me to do it. After 15 or 20 steps I am in pain. It is largely because my posture is appallingly bad and my back is telling me so. So, I am going to be swimming. I went to the apartment complex’s pool that is nearest to me {there are two} and made sure I knew how to get in. I have a couple of bathing suits coming but I am not going to wait for them to arrive before I go swimming. I have in the past done a lot of swimming in a T shirt and shorts and I can do that again. The other thing I have been doing, along with still organizing piles of "stuff" — is singing. Singing makes me happy, especially singing with which I can harmonize! I now  have a playlist on my IPod especially for singing!

Today I drove out to Morrisville to see my doctor for a check up. Now that I am Officially Old, apparently I need to be checked on more often. I am not sure I will continue to go along with this but at least for the next visit in three months time, I will humor her! I told her I had been depressed and that I knew what was the cause and that I had strategies that helped me. I mentioned my plans for swimming and the singing therapy but I forgot to tell her I got email from a local  art studio and in July {I think} they are holding a class on making art journals. Now, I know what art journals are, but I have never been able to see any use for me in them. I actually don’t know what I would  used one for, so it might be beneficial for me to take a three-hour class on this. I did talk to my doctor about my birthday coming up and how the day after is the first anniversary of Fred’s death.

Anyway, going back to the trip out there to the doctors, I figured it was about an hour’s trip so I gave myself an hour and a half because of the traffic on the Interstate {and the fact that driving on the Interstate makes me very nervous!} I was intending to sit in my car and read when I got there because I knew I would get there early. I drove into the Park area–lots of shops and businesses –and parked. I had forgotten to write down the number but I knew I was in the right area and not too far from it. I actually did much better than I thought because I turned around and saw I was parked right in front of the office! AND, I did not get one "recalculating" from the GPS! Then I found I had left my Kindle at home, so I walked over to Starbucks and got some coffee and did some people-watching instead of reading.

After I got home, UPS knocked at my door and delivered, among other things, some nice smelly candles I had ordered. I love smelly candles. The one I am burning now is Ginger Peach.









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May 1, 2013

Yay for finding your way to where you needed to be without any hassles! If you get tired of swimming, walking in the pool is much easier than on the land because the water holds you up. I have to do my leg exercises in the pool at least once a week because I can move better in the water than on dry land. (huggles)

May 1, 2013

I am glad you wrote today! I’d been wondering how you were doing, my friend. It is hard, moving to a new place and not knowing anyone. But I am so glad you are singing, and going swimming! The art class might be interesting, and will help you meet some people, and maybe there will be more art classes that are even more appealing! hugs, Nicky

May 1, 2013

Hurray for finding the swimming pool. I think you’ve got great coping skills, and the art journalling might be a very good thing for you to do. I know how creative you are. And yes, smelly candles are great.

May 1, 2013

I was thinking about you the other day and wondered if you had started going to the gym and exercising. Good for you going swimming. I hope you meet some new people there and make some friends with your neighbors. Does your complex have social activities for the tenants? That might be a good way to make new friends as well.

I missed seeing you here! Sounds like you know what to do to climb out of that depression. Exercise is good. Go for it! And singing probably does wonders too! It’s hard to move to a new place and not have friends but you can write here and we will read!

I love smelly candles too and miss burning them. I can’t do it right now because of Eltons oxygen use. Darn, I should have lit one while I was home by myself today. So glad you are coming up with ways to help with your depression. As a sufferer myself I know what you are going through. Good for you on finding your way to the docs!!! Hugs,M

May 1, 2013

I love swimming. I go a few times a week. I might talk to some women but haven’t made a friend. Hope you do though. The art course sounds exciting. I am reading a magazine all about journals. I haven’t done any painting for months but hope to tomorrow. I love music and have it on often on the back ground.

I think all of those things are going to be good for your depression..they say getting vitamin D helps, so the sun shining is going to be a real benefit to you:)

May 2, 2013

*HUGS* I am glad you are working at incorporating things that make you happier into your day. Moving is tough! I am also alone most of the time after my move, thankfully I have the dog or I would probably be much more lonely. Sing away! I should also pain today, been trying to do so many “work” things I have neglected my canvas!