• I have an appointment to see a urologist in June. I started filling out the paperwork I was sent this evening, and guess what? I was asked when I began menopause! AAAGGGGGH! I have not yet filled out that bit. I am trying out various snarky phrases… "Round about the time I stopped having periods." comes to mind…
  • Today I walked around Pier One and looked at all the pretty stuff. I didn’t buy anything, though.
  • One thing I need to stop doing is taking a nap after lunch. It seems to be messing up my sleeping at night.
  • The weather was fantastic here today. We had sun all day but there was a cool breeze along with it.
  • Recycling is not mandatory here in NC as it was in VT. However, the apartment complex encourages the tenants to do this by providing a separate bin for recyclable stuff–plastic, paper and glass. I have decided I will go back to doing it. It isn’t a big chore. I was doing it for 14 years in VT! I have my usual container for material that isn’t recyclable and a separate container in the kitchen and by my computer for stuff that is. Once I have got the art area organized, I will move the bag by the computer to that area… And instead of one bag to the disposals area, I will have two.
  • One really important thing I forgot when I bought groceries is Greek yogurt. I went to the refrigerator to get one today and the cupboard is bare!
  • I still haven’t finished organizing the bedroom. I have good intentions but very little energy.







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Yes, choosing an age for menopause could mean the onset or the completion. I just tell them I was 50. Pretty sure that ‘s accurate.

Recently I tried Greek yogurt and now there is no going back to what I was having before that.

April 24, 2013

I would put something like, “Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

Have you considered ‘How is that relevant to this appointment?’

My answer to THAT question is always “As soon as possible” No one has commented on or questioned it.

April 24, 2013

It is 10 days since the deadline of the 15th on your cell phone that doesn’t work Just wondering what the outcome was?

Lol…those questionares always make me laugh…Like you are really going to remember, or have it written down somewhere. Like when they ask, “when was your last period?” I don’t know…last month? They should just ask, “did you have a period last month?” I can remember that better than WHEN it was. 🙂

April 25, 2013

Often times when they ask questions like that on forms, I wonder if they truly ever look at it. I think some of the key things, doctor’s ask about, thus you are left to repeat things anyway.

April 25, 2013

I’m betting you could put about anything on those forms and no one would even notice. Menopause for me seems like a lifetime ago.

My favorite ice cream shop has started offering soft frozen greek yogurt (dare I call it ice cream?). I’m in heaven…absolute heaven.

April 26, 2013

i always say somewhere around 55… give or take a few years. does it really matter after you are 60? i love choboni greek yogurt!!! take care,

I am dreaming of the day I hit menopause! LOL My hot flashes all the years I was on steroids for my crohns were so bad that I can’t imagine them being any worse for during mp. LOL Hugs,M

It is not easy to recycle here but I believe in it. Right now, I need to go to the depot. If it was in my building or it was picked up, I’d be in heaven. I was more offended that they asked my daughter when she was twelve before an X ray if she was pregnant.