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This morning I had physical therapy at 9:45 which is much earlier than I usually have it. So, of course, I had one of those  can’t-go-to-sleep nights! I really don’t know why I have trouble sleeping when I have an early appointment anywhere! It is not as if I am worried about going. Anyway, I made it and then I came home, had lunch and a very little {45 minutes} nap. But I still feel very tired.

Yesterday I washed two large loads of clothes. I continue with my habit of having two baskets– one  for white clothes  and one for non-white clothes. I usually only wash about once a week but I must have left it longer because yesterday I took the last pair of clean underpants and socks out of the drawer! Definitely a signal that I need to wash clothes.

I went meandering around a local shopping area and discovered a store that sold Body Shop things. I love the body butter for very dry skin which is my skin. My legs and arms look a lot better since I put some on there at bedtime. I have always had a dry skin but since I have gotten older, it is extremely dry. I have lotion stashed all over the house. There is one in the bathroom, on the coffee table, right here by my computer, by the sink in the kitchen and now I have added the body butter with the one by my bed.

A couple of days ago, I went to Pier 1. I bought a basket for magazines which I needed and a small lacquered tray which I didn’t need but liked. I do have other trays but this one has handles on the side and is exactly the right size to be used around 4 pm for a small tea pot, milk, a mug and a small plate for two gingersnap cookies!

Since this is the last month of physical therapy {I go once a week] and since I prefer to exercise when I first get up, I have been making myself some cards so I can do three to four different exercises per day without having to think about it. Just grab the card and go. I have got them grouped so that I can go from one to the other easily. Tomorrow I am going to do the lifting the top leg, two different kinds of clam lifts and making a bridge with my back. All of these are done lying on the bed. The next one in line, done after a day off, will be some standing up ones… Then, some using the ball… This means I will do something different every second day and I won’t get bored!








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I like the idea of the handy cards. My moisturizing lotions are in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, much like you.

I never sleep really well, but I do sleep especially poorly if I know I have to get up early in the morning for a flight or an appointment. I love Pier 1!

July 22, 2013

I wonder what a clam lift is. The rotating card thing is a great idea!

July 23, 2013

i have noticed that as i’ve gotten older than my skin is so much drier than it used to be and it has always been dry. it does sound like it’s time to do laundry. i start my p/t today. i think i’m looking forward to it. i want to walk and drive again so i will do all they tell me to do and will do my exercises at home as often as they say. take care,

July 23, 2013

Having a variety of ways to exercise or simply do things IS a good idea! :o) !! I run out of socks and underwear in my drawer because I let them pile up on top of the dryer without taking time to put them away! hugs, Nicky

I’ve been curious about the Body Shop products…they are so pricey. I’ve been using Palmer’s coco butter on my dry skin, and so far, so good:) I love Pier 1…so much fun stuff in there:)

July 23, 2013

ryn: thanks! Very good explanation!

July 23, 2013
July 23, 2013