The Roadblock That Is Thankgiving

Nadine hates that at least one of the local area radio stations is already playing Christmas music and we’re not even halfway through the month of November.  I don’t know for sure how many local radio stations are playing Christmas music already, being that I don’t listen to the radio that often anymore.  I know that there’s at least one station that is and Nadine hates it.  She is of the mindset that such music should not be played until after Thanksgiving has already happened, or as she puts it, “Until the turkey has had his day”.  She always had a way with words. 

It seems that her other friends make fun of her for her intense dislike of Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but I, for one, actually agree with Nadine on this one. 

Why are we so much in a hurry to skip right to Christmas, at just 12 days into November?  I don’t even like Christmas music myself, so as you can imagine, I am in no hurry to have this stuff being played over the air waves so soon.  I’m not trying to be a downer, party pooper, or anything like that, but can we hold off on the damn Christmas music until the fourth Thursday of November?  I don’t agree with Nadine on most things, but she is clearly in the right on this one.

I don’t even like Christmas music in December.  That’s just me on that one.  I don’t think Nadine is that hateful.    

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