Digging for treasure

I’m having a lot of fun with our new camcorder. Something I’ve seriously considered doing with the new camcorder is make video diary entries that I would show here on Open Diary. Kinda of like a mini-rant just for the hell of it. But since the new camara doesn’t have a memory card, that will have to consider again at a later time. In the meantime I’ve found something to do with the limited film time I have on the camera. While Jonathan was taking a little snooze, Ethan and I went to the park across the street to play in the snow. And of course I have video, so here it is:

Digging for Treasure

X Marks the Spot!

Ethan going for a swing in the cold…

Nothing more annoying than a red bird that chirps Christmas carols!

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December 6, 2007

those videos are just too cute, enjoy this time

December 6, 2007

you can tell the kid’s a noob. any experienced northerner in the winter would mark his x in a completely different way. 🙂

December 6, 2007

How very cool to hear your and Ethan voices! =;p

March 21, 2008

I’d started doing video diaries on You Tube. That was mostly so Coby could SEE me now and then when he was in Iraq instead of just hearing my voice.

March 21, 2008

I really like your voice! It’s a good tone, but it’s also familiar like something I’d hear from relatives I don’t see much anymore.