Strange, yet satisfying day

My day began with feelings of tired and grogginess, as lets face it as everyday has been since the quarantine began (which I don’t know what stage everyone else is in, but here in Ontario, we are in stage 2 starting Friday..) Anyways, I justified my feelings saying to myself that I probably just need to get up and eat (which I did!) I’m always super hungry in the mornings and literally cannot go without eating. My meal consisted of a bagel with jam and butter, which is a favorite combination of mine and a side banana and yogurt. I have a yogurt every morning because I love yogurt.

Today for work (online) I did a virtual rollercoaster tour (omg, so fun!). The last time I was at a theme park was eight years ago so it felt good! Of course, it doesn’t beat the real thing but it was satisfying. Oh, before you get all confused I’m a social worker so I host activities for people to do. Needless to say I quite like my job. I do other things with them too, but as of right now I’m hosting activities. I felt like going for a walk later on (as I usually do..) but the weather was super windy so I decided against it. Instead, I continued with the rollercoaster..hehe 😉 The interesting thing and strange thing happened on my way back returning from the store (wal-mart) to pick up baking soda. Surprisingly, there was no line! Upon leaving Wal-mart a complete and total stranger asked me about where I got my mask from. I told her (yes, it was a woman..) that my boss provided it for me. Technically, I am working from home but she was kind enough to give my family and I masks for the bus when we re-open. Long story short she keeps talking to me, and I got the sense she was lonely and had a mental illness (not being insulting, just an observation) so I decided to linger and listen. Turns out we have the same beliefs on some things like our faith which is christian. Shes a different denomination but still christian the same. She proceeded to tell me some other things that I am a little skeptical about but as I said I had the sense she had a mental illness (I am a social worker so I can pick up on these things easily..) Two hours later, yes two hours!! I went home to finally eat. Food always feels good when your REALLY hungry. BTW, people randomly coming up and talking to me is normal, it happens to me all the time! Not sure why. My boyfriend says its because I have “a way” lol..whatever that means! I’m also only 19, so maybe its because I’m young?? Who knows!

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