Pizza Monday!

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Gotta love pizza non?? Every other other Monday (not every other week but tri-weekly if that makes sense??) we have pizza from either Dominos, or Papas John or any other pizzeria. Ah-mazing. 🙂

Today was a f*cking scorcher… but I did my good deed for the day, I took Gabby to drop off her urine sample. She is gravely ill… so and she needed a CHO resident to take her, and lo, I am a CHO resident. So, put two and two together….

Tomorrow I have my bath, and I’m going to see if I have any clamdiggers or dresses to wear. I probably do. 🙂 All of my winter stuff is put away… so big fat duh there… remember that? “Duh!” 

I honestly hope it cools down a smidge, to comfortable sleeping weather.

Why the f*ck was I born in the hottest month of the year??? WHY!? *shakes fist at sky*

I wouldn’t mind being a September baby. But nope. July. 🙁

Enough bitching. GUESS WHAT LOVELIES? I get paid $$$ this Wednesday… and I get my Alienware computer (yesssssssss preciiousssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!) (lol) too. I have to pay Julie $40. Bees will pay the other half. I need to take out at least $100 to cover that, and Tim’s for lunch and and potential snacks?? The rest go to various places, like the computer and my Avon order. (two bottles of Haiku perfume for Bees, and my shamrock ring…

And Dave will give me an extra $300… so… yeah….

Gosh, it’s bloody hot out. 🙁

*ducks flying objects while wishing for winter once again*

STFU-ing now.

Bon nuit!!


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May 29, 2023

I was born in January, one of the coldest months of the year. It’s easier to celebrate a birthday in summer than in winter. Not alot of people want to go out and celebrate my birthday with me when I invite them LOLZ 😆

May 30, 2023

@ladiwan Tell them to bundle up! LOL 😀

May 29, 2023

November baby here on the 11th. Fall birthday was ok. School was always off on my b-day XD

Summer b-day sounds nice tho. Idk it might just be me. 🤷

May 30, 2023

@reinehibbert A Scorp eh? Cool. 😀 My sister Bees is a Scorp too. 🙂 Summer bdays are .. ok I guess if it wasn’t so dang hot. 😮

May 30, 2023

Now I want some pizza! Be good Sammy

May 30, 2023

@heffay Ha!! Never!! LOLOLOL!! XD

May 30, 2023

I had pizza Friday – so good!  it was hot here yesterday too.  I spent the day at the pool – cooked myself 🙁

May 30, 2023

@strawberryjelly I’d love to have a wading pool or whatever. 🙂 Baking in the sun isn’t an option for redheads with fairer than sour cream skin. 😛

May 31, 2023

@sagittariusmoon I keep looking at little kiddie pools to wade in while on my patio. LOL

May 30, 2023

June birthday here…pretty hot.  What day in July is your birthday?  Mine is June 15…I’ll be 55.

May 31, 2023

@happyathome July 2, I’ll be 49.

May 31, 2023

@sagittariusmoon That is my mom’s birthday :-).