2 months

Been nearly 2 months since I wrote. Life has been up and down, mostly down.

I’m still going to the gym, mostly doing the classes. I feel I get the best workouts doing the classes. In the beginning Aaron and I would go to the gym together often. Not so much now, we go separately. I feel I don’t get much accomplished with him around. He’s done after 20 minutes. 20 minutes is just a warmup for me.

I took another day off work for my mental health. Last Thurs/Friday were a strain on my mind. I think work will get more stressful in the months or year ahead.

I did get my taxes done today. I always hate doing it. I’ll get a refund. Just under $600, basically it’ll go to bills for my car.

I’ve been mostly annoyed with the man child. I can’t even relate to him anymore. All I hear from him is whining about his job and “friend”. Months of that. I try to talk about somehting else, he goes back to his whining.

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