mini update

I quit my job a couple weeks ago. Finally got fed up. Got sick of hearing I can’t/not trusted to do jobs that are part of my job description. I quit unexpectedly, over the phone. The day before I quit my boss sent a text saying one of the ladies who did the same job as me had quit unexpectedly as well. There were 3 of us doing the same job. 2 quit without notice. In the entire building (250 people) there were only 4 people who know this job. Now the company is scrambling. I honestly don’t feel bad.

I spent 6.5 years at the job. Told over and over that I wasn’t trusted, didn’t think I could perform my job. If I can’t perform my job, move me to a different job. Yet, boss always gave me positive remarks during my reviews.

About 6 weeks ago boss and her boss talked to my entire department about some changes. My department dealt with the government and military products. Government wants more from the company and more strict deadlines.

Now, with me and another lady gone, they’re not gonna meet the deadlines well. Not gonna find people who’re willing to work there (company has had a hard time getting people in the door). Gonna take a long time to train people if someone does get hired. I was asked if I was gonna come back to the job today. I told the old coworker that a lot would have to change.

I did go to Wisconsin to visit my sister for awhile. Snowed there. I was happy to see snow. Happy to get away. Happy to clear my mind.

I did apply for a new job. The interview was 1.5 hours long. I’m hoping to hear this week to see if I got the job.

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