new year

I have 2 goals for this year. First one is to try to do photography more. Get outside (even during the winter….I like to do nature photography). I have a idea to look for certain colors each month. This month the color “red”. No specific meaning behind it, the first color that came to mind.

The 2nd goal is to lose weight and get in shape. I got a gym membership this past Tuesday. I’ve gone every day so far. Aaron said he’d go with me today but he left, not sure where he went or when he’ll be back. It’s only 2 pm so I have plenty of time left.

I tried one of the classes the other day. I hurt. Class was intense. Gave me ideas what I can do on my own too, other than the standard weights and treadmill.

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January 1, 2022

Happy new  year


January 1, 2022

Photography is one of my passions too. Winterscapes are wonderful… 🙂 You should come to Canada in the fall. We have lots of red maples… it’s our national symbol after all lol!!