Some days, and other days.

I went to the hospital this morning. Abigail was happy to see me.  I became very concerned when she told me her heart enzymes were still going up. The nurse came in the room a few times. Abbie was heavy on the call button.

the cardiologist came in. I had him as a doctor when I had my heart attack. He remembered me right away. Nice to know I must leave an impression, ……… I think.  He spoke to Abbie about her heart and what was going. She is very inflamed in the area around her lungs. It could be that rather than the heart itself causing the pain she is having.

the doc continued to gather a history from her. He asked her if she had been using drugs when this pain came on. Her answer was yes, she was smoking weed,  cigarettes, and crack.  I could have snatched her bald.  So, that said, no , I didn’t act out in anyway because it wouldn’t have mattered.  I love this child of mine to the depth of my soul. There has never been a morE wanted baby. I remained calm.

her doctor ordered up an  echo. If there is any problem with her heart, more than what was there a month ago. He will get in touch with her right away.  To my knowledge it hasn’t happened yet.

more later, have to go pick up kids.

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