The finest years I ever knew,
Have been the years I’ve shared with you.

Every time I think of you,
It always turns out good,.
Every single time.

Is this love that I’m feeling?

Honey’s sweet, but it ain’t nothing
Next to baby’s treat,
And if you’ll pardon me I like to eat…

Wait those aren’t the words, I’d better stop there…
The best lyrics were written ten years after Hair.

Just remember my love I only learned the things there
So I could come home and take care of you here.
Took me a lot of crying in beer
to let go of all the doubts and the fear
But I remember who held me so tightly then
So do not forget or try to pretend
I Would not do for you, lover
What you would thanklessly do for all others
My wife, my sun and moon, my best friend.
Go away if you must but come back in the end

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January 27, 2022