Broken love

No matter the distance of time and space,
No matter the reasons we’re not sharing a place,
No matter what forces keep us apart,
You’ll be forever always in my heart!
When I first met you, my heart beat fast!
I couldn’t imagine a love like this will last.
You taught me to smile, to love and to live
But most of all baby you taught me to give.
I gave you my heart from the moment we met!
I gave it with joy and without any regret.
I gave myself hope for an everlasting love
I gave myself belief that there’s a God above!
I can’t even begin to explain how I feel
When I am with you, my world becomes real
My heart takes over with a force I can’t control!
You become a part of me: heart,body and soul!
I wish I could be there to make you smile forever!
To make your days happy and to be with you wherever.
My baby you’ll always be the man of my dreams
The one I wish for, the one for which my heart screams!
My love for you is something I’ll always treasure,
There’s not a thing in this world that could ever measure.
The way my heart melts when I look into your eyes
Or the way my heart crumbles when your love for me dies.
   Kristen Rice
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July 5, 2020

I loved this, it really touched me.