‘Sup people??

I’m just waiting on Dave who is going to fill up a Visa card for me. He is just going to put my pin on the card so, I can order anything I want! 🙂 There is snow in the forecast… mostly overnight into early tomorrow. 

My tooth still hurts but it is not a sharp one unless I really chew on it hard, but hopefully I can see a fucking dentist bc I am not a happy camper as my Bees says. Why it is taking so fucking long is beyond me. 🙁 Honestly!

I am listening to Bruno Mars. He is something else. 😛 He reminds me of a very young MJ. IDK why though, maybe his style? IDK like I said. LOL

I am obsessed with 50 Shades of Grey. Damn he is sexy!!! 😀 😀 😀 Intense and beautiful. Plus that song by Ellie Goulding? Yass… 

Who does it better? Bruce Cockburn or BNL?? I think personally Bruce.

But the BNL one centers around Scarborough where I was born and partially raised so, the landscape is familiar.. yep. I’m a Scarberian. 😀 😛

I am sucking down water bc my mouth gets dry fast with the Trazodone.

I wonder what the meeting is about… one can only speculate…

OK. I will stfu now. Haa..


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