Wednesday 23rd August

The funeral happened. Apparently there was mention of great grandchildren that didn’t exist, and he had pipers to the grave which she would have hated. They asked Duncan if he wanted to carry the coffin then he got pushed aside. Bruce found out about several other members of this family that had died without him knowing.

Hannah has been bleeding too heavily for the past week. Too much to move. Doctors couldn’t care less. ‘Take the pill’ they said. Clearly not read her notes which say she’s trying to get pregnant.

A sheep out in field with fly strike. It’s too hot to be chasing sheep around. Finally managed to get it caught. Had to take buckets of water up to top field and get wound cleared. Put wound powder on and purple spray. David said we had to get maggot oil.

Back to work. The government have made all colleges cut their courses by 2 credits so the powers have decided it’s mine that gets cut – in spite of the same government saying that my course in mandatory. I think I’m coming out of the union. They are talking of striking again. Something I can’t afford to do.

Julian is off sick again. A rotator cuff injury.

Chris had a road crash in the middle of the city. 50/50 according to the insurance company. He’s pissed off at losing his no claims. On the plus side he’s passed his medical for the Diving job. Praying he gets it.

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September 3, 2023

Hope this coming week is better.