The Weekend

Last weekend before Xmas and two 4 day work weeks. I am amazed that this strange crap fest of a year is almost over. For the longest time it seemed as if it would never end yet here it is. Bright spot though is my younger son finally has a Job after almost 2 years since he was 14 of trying. First day today and he could not be happier. As always the weekend will be filled with things to do.

(1) Get son to work
(2) Prep for D&D Game which then takes half my day
(3) Come home and Laundry and whatever else I can do around the house.

After that there is Dinner and perhaps some video game playing unless I am still working on D&D with my players through Discord. We are lucky and can still play in person (Socially distanced of course) We could play online but my house is to distracting for me to run out of most of the time, plus I like to actually get out at least once a week and do something that is not Errands or going to work.

Still have to Wrap all the gifts, which I figure my wife will make a wrapping fest starting tomorrow. I will have to wrap half the gifts downstairs away from everyone because as per the usual I like to buy things that no one knows about. For me the Holidays are more fun with Giving than Getting. I could care less about what I get and it has been that way for Many years.

It’s cool here today but Most Floridians will say it’s downright cold. For me it has to get to at least 40 before I really have an issue. I love this weather though because it allows us to open the house and just let everything air out. Well until our neighbor goes out back to Smoke and then we have to shut the doors again so as to not have it waft into our house.

I think I’m doing somewhat good with the writing since I have hit 4 days where I have actually done it. Soon I will most likely add a chapter where I add to the Writing Circle about my D&D Games but I don’t know. I feel that the Writing Circle and Poetry Circle should have more people giving feedback or something. Or maybe just more interaction but who knows, I am a bit weird in that regard. I guess I could put my Stories on Wattpad but then again how many different sites do I really want to add things to. I’m old and I have a lot of Life things that take up a decent amount of my time. IE I don’t really make a lot of time just for myself unless everyone else in the family is engaged in something. Like this morning, oldest son is still sleeping, younger is watching YouTube before his first day with Publix, and my wife is getting ready for work. So here I am writing drivel *smiles*

Well I think that is enough for now. I accomplished what I set out to do and that is write something. Until tomorrow. Or maybe even later today who knows. I kind of like writing something that is for me but that others may read.

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December 23, 2020

My hubby is the same way as you. He doesn’t care about receiving. He wouldn’t think twice if he didn’t get anything at all. He loves to see the kids happy opening up their gifts. The thing different about my husband is, he makes me do all the shopping lol! He does manage to get me a gift every year. It’s funny to me to even think of him at the mall lost walking around like a lost puppy.


Thanks for sharing!! Praying that the neighbor breaks that nasty habit! To think I use to be a smoker kills me! I have no idea how I ever did it for all those years! How did my children survive it. What was I thinking! Ugh… gross