A day off is always nice

I was advised I may need to take the day after my second vaccine dose, turns out I didn’t need to. Thankfully I didn’t have any side effects other than the sore arm. Since I fought to get this day off, I kept it lol. I don’t get too many days off anymore. I’m currently trying to find a new job so I can leave the one I have cause it’s working my nerves. I’d hope to be at my new job before my bday in April. I tried to request my bday day off, and I just got denied saying no coverage. Yet, this person that denied my request stated that same date was her damn wedding. I told her I was going to request that day off, and she denies it. If I am still there, I may freaking call in. I usually try to get my bday off when I can, it’s not my fault they are short staffed all the damn time. I hate the bs I have to deal with there, but it’s a job. I need to find better pay anyway, I am tired of making just enough. I can pay rent but I am broke, if I miss one day I may be close to being short on rent. I’ll be fine I have the money but UGH. So yeah, working my butt off 7 days a week and still being broke sucks. However, I am glad to have these jobs, they pay for this lovely apt I rent every month. I hope to stay another year, or more. Although one day I want to own my own home, so there’s that lol.

As for other things in my life, it’s not too bad. I still love living alone, doing my own thing, you know…doing ME. I never wanna go back to being miserable again. I’m content with being alone, but not afraid to let anyone in if I feel they deserve the privilege. With Anthony, I feel he does deserve that much. Things are still really good with him, even though I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like. Hopefully when I find my new job, the schedule clashes won’t be so bad. He doesn’t live on this side of town, but he works on this side of town. We both work at the same store. He is the sweetest guy I have ever met, and very consistent with his efforts. If he’s not careful, he’ll spoil me lol. Though I find myself wanting to do things for him as well, such as cook breakfast if I know in time that he’s coming over. Or if he takes his lunch to come get me to take me to work, then I’ll try to have lunch for him. I feel like he’s warming up to me more and more, the longer this goes on. He seems to really be interested in me, and compliments me often and tries to find time to spend with me, even if for a few mins. If he has time he’ll come over and hang (and I’ll have breakfast ready if I can)  or he’ll just stop by for a hug and kiss, and if he can makes an effort to take me to work. Just the other day we worked the same day, in the morning with maybe a 30 min diff in shift starts, he came by and hung with me, then we went to get breakfast at a fast food place. We sat in the work parking lot and ate, we walked into the store, I got ready for work, he hung in the break room until his shift started. He texted me sometime later to say he’d take me home (I got off at 1:30) and to let him know when I was ready and he’d take his lunch then.

He seems to really like spending time with me, as do I with him.  He’s even told me that. He says that it’s relaxing to be here at my home. That’s always nice to hear. I like that he doesn’t pressure me for sex, or anything past what I allow. He still flirts, and I like it and flirt back. I don’t know, I like where this is going so far, and I am ok with the pace. I am ok with it not being official yet. It’s only been a couple months since we officially started talking, although I’ve known him for about  a year at least. I can say that he’s the first man to show me so much respect in a long time, before and after getting to know me. I like that I can be open and honest with him. I don’t feel like having to walk on eggshells or scared to speak my mind. I like it. Hopefully things continue to develop, but in the mean time I will enjoy what I can with him. I hope sometime soon we can have another day where I can spend a few hours with him, instead of just mins at a time (not that I don’t appreciate those). Another thing I like about him is that he too is appreciative of what I do. We’ll see what happens.

Anyway, enough of him for now lol. I haven’t really done much today. I just put in some job apps, ran my dishwasher, and took out the trash. I plan to cook dinner, which is something I rarely get to do from having to close all the time. Thankfully I’ve been getting more day shifts, so I can relax more, go to bed at a decent hour, and cook decent meals (some of which I can take for lunch). I’ve been lazy for most of the day though, just watching some of my fave movies lol.

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February 1, 2022

Enjoy your day off, dude sounds good. I like that he’s respectful of your boundaries, it’s almost hard to find men that are okay with things going slow anymore.

February 1, 2022

@boring you’re so tight. It’s hard to find good men these days. Ones that respect you and actually care about someone other than themselves

February 1, 2022

@sweet-n-simple it really is. I’m sending good vibes your way. 😘