Boy do I need to write lol

I know I keep saying this, but just gotta write ASAP. I’m gonna plan to tomorrow after work since I work that morning.

Just wanted to say (or we’ll ask): why do some people have such a hard time being discarded? Why do people try now, when they couldn’t try during? Well…all I know is the block is coming because I can’t stand it. I’ll explain for sure in my entry, but this damn boy is driving me up a damn wall. Since I don’t need that drama, I’m blocking him whether he’s my emergency contact or not. Cause he has no clue his efforts are in vain and I’ll  dog gone if he’s gonna take any more peace from me, especially when I’m in my own home. He’s not doing anything more than trying to win me back and that shit is annoying. I should have just blocked him soon as I set foot in my place.

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September 21, 2021

You don’t know me but I wanna say…Hell yeah! Stand your ground. I love seeing someone know their worth. 💓

September 21, 2021

@queengloom thank you. He doesn’t seem to get that I’m not that same girl that would beg him back in my life. I’m so done!