Lol finally

I got my VS store cc finally. I even was able to use a few codes to get a nice chunk money off my order. That was awesome. I only spent about $55 for my order including shipping. Had I added another item, I probably could have added free shipping too, but for what I got I’d say it’s not a bad deal. Got a new bra and updated some of my undies lol. The card looks like a gift card but it’s a very pretty color. Lmao I know this isn’t newsworthy, but I love this store and it made me happy to get this card and be able to get some much needed stuff. I won’t use it again until I start working. Need to ensure I can pay off the balance. Unlike my regular cc, I’d rather not carry a balance on this card if I can help it. I am after all, in the business of rebuilding my credit. Now I have my order to look forward to as well as the shoes I ordered a few days ago.

Other than that, I haven’t done much today. I did do some squats today, I’m trying to finally finish this challenge I’ve never finished in previous attempts  lol. I did some sit ups too. So far I haven’t missed any days. I’m so out of shape from sitting on my ass for two months lol.  People stayed off my nerves today, for the most part. Now I’m just relaxing watching my fave show Fresh Prince. Lol I found seasons 1-3 in one case for only $20. Good deal in my book as most of my fave episodes are in this set. It changed when they got a diff chick to play Vivian. Though there are some episodes in seasons 4-6 that I liked but the more it went on the less interesting the show was. So I’m happy with the first 3 lol.

Well anyway I’ve rambled enough for today. I’m glad at least that I was able to do something I love to do, and that’s browse VS and buy what I love in cute colors 😂😂.

4 weeks until I start work. Then maybe I won’t be so bored lol. My entries may be more interesting too lol. Ttyl. Peace!!

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