New job orientation

I have to be there in a hour to start onboarding. I’m looking forward to getting started. I’ll have to finish up some paperwork that has to be done, but since it’s going to take 4 hours I’m assuming there is CBT included. It’s cool because I’ll be getting paid for it. I guess I’ll also be getting my uniform and seeing about ordering slip resistant shoes and have that come out of my paycheck weekly. Anyway, even though it’s not a huge bunch of extra money, I still stand to make enough to get my shit together. It’ll be easier to save up and pay all my bills. I will help with rent and food, but like I said before nothing extra. Things will work out in the end I’m sure. I’ll finish up some homework while I’m off from my first job, and just do what I do until I graduate. At least then my options could open up more. I will still search for fill time jobs and I will have someone look over my resume again. I’m not sure my current look is attracting employers. I need one job that pays at least $35,000 a year to really make it here. I’m not gonna worry too much tho, just still making plans.

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January 13, 2021

I think in no time you will get everything you want….