So a mini update on my life lol

So in my last entry I mentioned the guy I gave my number to, AJ. So since then a lot has transpired. We’ve spent more time together than I thought we would, have already shared a few kisses, and just basically enjoying each other’s company. He’s actually the first decent guy I have met in a long time. We connect and relate on so much and it’s unreal. Every morning since I gave him my number he has texted me good morning and asking how I slept. He texts me throughout the day to see how my day is going. He says sweet shit to be and loves making me laugh as well as laugh at how silly I am.

He never expected how I am when I’m comfy with you. I have never met anyone I have been able to be 100% open with. I have no reservations at all. He’s also very open with me and even encourages me to speak my mind freely. He’s a great listener. None of him seems fake. We’re nothing official, as of yet, but have been actively hanging out. We’ve gone out to eat a couple times. He makes a real effort to see me, even if it’s just for a few mins before he has to go to work. He’ll volunteer to come take me to work on his lunch break. So sometimes if I can, I will make sure to have something for him to eat. I feel it’s only fair. He once told me I must see something in him they he doesn’t see. This was after my reaction to not knowing when we’d be able to hang lol. He had a busy week. So he made an effort to work around that to see me.

Yesterday we spent almost 5 hours together. He came to my job when I got off to take me home. He hung with me until he had to do his therapy session. After that we went to lunch.  It was nice! Never thought I’d feel as strongly as I do, I hold a great deal of empathy for him. He can sense my needs a lot. It’s so astonishing lol. He definitely feels a great deal of concern and genuine feelings for me. I really like it and on top of all that he’s very patient, very respectful of me and exercises a great deal of self control. And I never thought I’d date someone 11 years younger than me lol. I’m 42, he’s 31. But, when I tell you he’s more mature and real than most men my age, I mean it. I have no regrets.

Things are going well, we’ll see how things develop over times. Not gonna rush it, just let things flow naturally. So far, I’m loving what has transpired. I certainly don’t want it to go away any time soon. I don’t think he does either.

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