Night #1 without him

He left at 5am, I’ve been up ever sense. I kept myself as busy as I could today but even so I had moments of extreme sadness. Something as stupid as finding a claw clip of mine that he wears sent me to tears. So I shoved it in a drawer, got back up and started manically cleaning my kitchen. Stay busy, I have to stay busy. 3 months to go. Day one, done. I finally understand the expression “one day at a time”. If I think about how long it will be until I get to hold him I think I would crumble. So for now I’ll try to just take it day by day, pushing the timeline out of my head the best I can.

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February 21, 2023

Can you not connect with him by Facetime or Skype???

February 21, 2023

@collylovesjase We got to FaceTime last night. It’s just lonely without him here. Not having him present in my daily routines is hard, he’s my person you know? It’s hard being so far away from him.