National Picnic Day/National Fishing Day

In honor of National Picnic Day we are having a potluck picnic at work. It’s also National Fishing Day, so we made a little game where people can “fish” for prizes.

Thing is, today is also day 1 of 2 that all the big wigs from the corporate office come in and do our annual review … kind of like a mock state survey. It’s half the people on the Culture Committees day off, our leader has a workshop and wont be here until the pot luck starts and the only person that really helps me set things up has a doctors appointment so I get to do all the cutting/chopping, setting up … everything all by myself. Yay! That also means it will take longer and I will have less time at the desk – but when the big wigs are here they want me at the desk … Woo!

Nick’s been taking an online coding course and it’s kept him pretty busy. I was home at 4 yesterday but he didn’t come to the bedroom until 9. Because it’s still light out now, he didn’t realize how late it was. I was just about to get ready for bed. I have been feeling pretty tired lately. Not enough sleep. Since we hadn’t talked much all day we ended up staying up until about 11PMĀ  (and I never fall asleep right away.) so my alarm came pretty early. I had planned to get up early and run to the store for the potluck because the cookies I had planned bring didn’t turn out … well they turned out … but Nick and Kat ate them. They were really cute, tie dye jobbers. But there were only 4 left before bed, so that is why I was going to run to the store. My mom offered to take me to Walmart with her at 6, but I hit snooze too many times and didn’t get up until 5:45AM. I just had her pick me up some potato salad.

I much prefer to make home made things for potlucks, but my energy level and my wallet got the best of me this time. I keep feeling like I have forgotten something this morning and I can’t put my finger on what it is.



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June 18, 2019

Hope all turns out well with the review.