Tuesday Whoseday

I got really sunburned fishing on Saturday. I thought it was feeling better this morning until I tried to put on my bra. Youch!

It’s not that I don’t use sunscreen, because I use a lot, it’s that I am super pale. But it happens every year. I burn once, and then I just tan the rest of the Summer.

I caught a nice big bass though. So … worth it?

Finally ACTUALLY caught up on work this morning. I had planned on going shopping after work today, but instead I picked up a shift in the kitchen tonight. What a dope I am. We had a meeting a week ago last Thursday, that said there was new incentive for people to pick up shifts for the kitchen. $5 more an hour if you pick up on a weekend – or a weekday if they are 2 or more short. Gigi, Irene and I picked up 90% of those shifts and now apparently they are back peddling and after next week there will no longer be bonuses. Uh, They really should have thought that one through. Maybe .50 cents or a dollar would have been doable … but the kitchen is dangerously understaffed (Which is why they probably came up with the idea in the first place.) so every single day in this 3 week period 1-3 people have been getting those bonuses plus over time.

They need a new manager. Staff keep begging me to come back. The kitchen looks like a dump. New staff aren’t getting properly trained so they get frustrated and quit. Total shit show. Who is going to pick up now when there isn’t much reason to (except those of us who would be overtime – but even then, no ones tombstone ever says I wish I spent more time at work.) ?

I’m excited for the weekend. Going to see fireworks and I am not picking up a shift under any circumstances. Let some of the youngins’ pick up. When I was a teenager I picked up all Summer. I don’t get how these kids have so many concerts and such to go to so they can’t work … how did you pay for the tickets? Derian is 23, gt married in October, bought a house last month and 3 weeks ago found out his wife is pregnant. You would think he would try to be earning as much money as possible … right? His wife started here when she was 16 ad picked up a million shifts, bought herself a brand new car and put herself through beauty school by 19. I guess she makes good money, but I am sure she will be off for maternity leave and then there is this little thing called day care!

Okay. Now I sound like an old crab. Sorry.





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July 9, 2019

you do not sound like an old crap, in fact there should be maybe 10 or 12 hour shifts all around and then more people would want to work because they would work 4 days and have 3 days off and everyone will actually want to work…and they need to higher more people who can be crossed trained so there is no more short staff issues….  But then I am the type that will even stay and do over time without complaint and to work extra shifts I would do that too…but you seem to be the only one who does….But do remember you do need to have a life other then just working…..